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    Pefkou Residence

    This residence is currently being developed on a beautiful plot in Pefkou area of Lakatamia.

    The solution utilized construction methods, functional mechanisms and visual subsistence’s to dictate a result otherwise was not foreseen.

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    Pefkou Residence

    Two opposing L-shape volumes with glazed interiors form the inner courtyard side of the house with the resulting overlaps creating a covered outdoor patio on the ground level and a garden terrace on the upper floor.

    The extended cantilevered slabs protect the large south oriented glazed spaces during the summer and enrich the horizontal effect created with the glass terminating against them.

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    Pefkou Residence

    The north side of the house contains all the supportive functions, including the garage, staircase, mechanical-storages rooms, and circulation corridors used on both levels of the house.

    On the east a simple game of defined volumes each expressing the function behind, as well as a garden buffer zone completes the whole.

    The west facing front facade addressed two major criteria, how to protect from the hot sun while being inviting for entry. A game of juxtaposed elements is introduced to protect, reveal, and direct movement.

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    Pefkou Residence

    The construction system for the house will consist of a mixture of an exposed reinforced concrete shell and slabs combined with steel and dry wall clad interior. Elements like the carport cover will be self contained and free from contact with the house, while the garden patios will float above and blur the line between interior and exterior areas and uses.

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    Pefkou Residence

    Location: Lakatamia, Nicosia

    Areas: 300 m2

    Stage: Design