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    Olympiou Residence

    The starting point for the design of this house was the dynamic angle of the site’s front boundary, as well as the uninterrupted views towards the horizon.

    The L-shape volume created with a southeast facing courtyard is further strengthened by forcing the living space on the ground level towards the very edge in order to utilize the angle of the site’s boundary that is facing the road.

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    Olympiou Residence

    The front facade living hall wall is extended beyond the interior space, framing a hidden passage way to the outdoor courtyard while at the same time creating the illusion of a wider facade to the house. This wall “stands” free from the upper level’s geometry, allowing the upper level to float freely as if it’s a billboard display in the background.

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    Olympiou Residence

    The shift of the ground floor’s obtuse geometry to the upper level’s right angled layout gives birth to the main covered veranda and BBQ areas, while all living spaces open out towards the outdoors and pool area.

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    Olympiou Residence

    Location: Dali, Nicosia

    Areas: 380 m2

    Stage: Built

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