• v1

    Nicolaou Residence

    This house located on a busy road, with the optimum layout for orientation also facing that same road; a contradiction was created by the original proposal.

    Client’s first reaction to the proposal was to rotate the house’s main open spaces away from this condition, but a final solution creating a setback, buffer zone of green, walls, and fencing towards the road was used to protect the inner courtyard and at the same time allow the user to exploit the south orientation within the courtyard.

  • v2

    Nicolaou Residence

    The front facade is a game of cantilevered volumes clad in a dark marble, and sheet like walls protecting the outdoor areas against the road, however revealing just enough to suggest the taste of activity within.

  • v3

    Nicolaou Residence

    The inner courtyard is composed of a covered outdoor area created by the bedroom volume on the upper level. Openings in the pool’s wall as well as voids in the landscape are used to filter light to the lower semi-basement level.

  • v5

    Nicolaou Residence

    Location: Engomi, Nicosia

    Areas: 480 m2

    Stage: Design

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