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    Manoras Residence

    This house is located at a low density built-up area in Klirou. The site itself offers great open views towards the horizon urging for a south facing courtyard to overlook the theatrical sunset.

    The client required that the house was designed on one level which allowed for all spaces, including the bedrooms, to have direct access to the outside; blurring the division between interior and exterior to a unified experiential moment.

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    Manoras Residence

    The fact that house extends on one main level allowed us great design freedom on the two roofs. The sloped tiled roof over the main living spaces extends to cover the main outdoor veranda; a void on this same roof allows light to filter through while simultaneously reveals a planted tree that penetrates through it.

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    Manoras Residence

    Location: Klirou, Nicosia

    Areas: 250 m2

    Stage: Built