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    Chandriotis Residence

    Two contrasting languages come together to form the solution to this house. Clients requested a modern house that fully exploits their site and needs while at the same time keeping some elements of local architecture.

    As a result the building’s living-dining hall is separated both in plan and section from main body of the house, allowing it to have an independent height and roof.

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    Chandriotis Residence

    The front facade living hall wall is clad in traventino marble, while the entrance enclosure is a mixture of marble and wood. The effect of the cantilevered roof overhead is further strengthened with the floating effect of the entry bridge and entry wall.

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    Chandriotis Residence

    Location: Lakatamia, Nicosia

    Areas: 400 m2

    Stage: Built

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    Chandriotis Residence

    The main volumes of the house are basically two L-shapes sitting in opposite direction of each other, and creating a covered lower outdoor area. The master bedroom on the upper level takes advantage of the optimum position, while the upper level corridors were forced to the back, north facade as to allow for all rooms to face the inner garden area.

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