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    Christodoulou residence

    This house sitting on a hill top in Engomi has a great command of views throughout. One critical requirement was to minimize the foot print of the house within the site, and allow for maximum garden-outdoor areas.

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    Christodoulou residence

    While the solution of the house is compact in volume it is explosive on the surface. A game of controlled voids and solids combined with a playful use of materials and divisions allow for internal spaces to experience the views and the external shell to excite the eye.

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    Christodoulou residence

    The front side of the house is enriched by the combination of opposing but complementary colors, while the back side is organized by the cantilevered bedroom and veranda cover, both of which create a functional sheltered outdoor living space as an extension to the inner spaces overlooking the garden.

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    Christodoulou residence

    Location: Engomi, Nicosia

    Areas: 350 m2

    Stage: Built

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