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    Ioannou Residence

    The profession of the owner himself, a pilot, provided great influence for this house. This influence can be experienced both internally as well as on the outside of the house.

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    Ioannou Residence

    One can experience the sense of flight upon viewing the front façade of the building. In particular, the slanted roof turns itself towards the ground; its inner side is clad with wood and brings to one’s mind the wing of an airplane.

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    Ioannou Residence

    Upon entering the house, one can experience this flowing openness between the basement, ground and bedroom level. In distinction, a bridge that leads to the master bedroom is exposed revealing once more the lightness of the space that surrounds it. Then again, the stair is enclosed with glass allowing visual connections with the outside courtyard.

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    Ioannou Residence

    Most of the surfaces of the house consist of different color (paint on plaster) with the exception of the wooden cladding on the front façade.

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    Ioannou Residence

    Location: Engomi, Nicosia

    Areas: 370 m²

    Stage: Built