• v1

    Ieronymides Residence

    This renovation/expansion resulted in producing a completely new setting for the client. The intervention also used the client’s addition neighboring plot and re-organized the entire hierarchy of the existing layout, converting individual rooms to an open plan layout with one space flowing into the other.

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    Ieronymides Residence

    While elements from the house’s original architectural style were used, the new methods introduced for the stone cladding were further enhanced by the use of different size and types of stone as well as grooves to connect and separate between them.

  • v3

    Ieronymides Residence

    The entire foundation of the existing house was exposed, strengthened and insulated. All main services were re-designed to handle the new spaces, including plumbing, sewage, heating and air conditioning.

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    Ieronymides Residence

    Location: Lakatamia

    Areas: 400 m²

    Stage: Built