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    Gavrielides Residence

    One of the most prevailing characteristics of this house is the introduction of a variety of different materials and color shades, that all come together with cohesion and control.

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    Gavrielides Residence

    The house a simple open space L-shaped layout, which creates a south facing courtyard; the plot modest in size and yet the plan allows for maximization of outdoor green areas.

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    Gavrielides Residence

    The two parallel walls made of exposed fair face concrete span the entire length of the living area, acting also as support members for the inclined built metallic structure. This box like feature is clad with HPL panels and floats between two lines of glazing.

    This enclosed box is used as furniture in the interior and reflects its function as one on the exterior.

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    Gavrielides Residence

    Upon entry the interior of the house has a granite clad metallic cantilevered staircase expressed and dressed in glazing; within this small foot print of an area, Internally one can feel the continuity of uninterrupted space, while at the same time various features and furnitures like the aquarim define and give privacy.

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    Gavrielides Residence

    Location: Latsia, Nicosia

    Areas: 280 m²

    Stage: Built