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    Charalambides Residence

    This residence has played key role for the office’s early history. It is located on a very steep ridge overlooking the entire city with endless picturesque views throughout. As a living entity, the house lives and grows in harmony with the landscape and topography of the site.

    The main entry of the house conceals the intricate change of levels at the backside; the entrance to the house is at the same level with the road while the main bedroom level is just a meter higher than that.

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    Charalambides Residence

    In order to handle and take advantage of the slope of the plot, the house was divided into seven split-levels having the stair act as the organizing element, the heart and connector of all the spaces, both horizontally and vertically.

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    Charalambides Residence

    Landscaped gardens surround the entire house; all external plateaus can be accessed from all internal levels and all façades. A vanishing edge swimming pool becomes the climax to the dynamic geometry of the house as it blends with the horizon.

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    Charalambides Residence

    With the exception of the wooden cladding on the underside of the winged roof, the entire house is painted in one color, allowing it - and the champagne colored window frames - to change color through the day as the sun and shade move around.

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    Charalambides Residence

    Location: Strovolos, Nicosia

    Areas: 650 m²

    Stage: Built